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Be a Camosun learner

Would you like to

  • Learn and improve English, math, computer, and essential skills for life, work and college
  • Gain employment skills in a new program
  • Ask us about funding and financial support

Come and join us at the Songhees Learning Centre. The program runs Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3:50 pm.

We start in September.

Call Verna at 250-386-1319 or email verna@songhees.ca for more information.

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Merits of E-portfolios

I recently updated my portfolio, displaying the end product with college students.  Along the way I considered the merits of initiating an e-portfolio.

With standard portfolios found within binders, their purpose for employment, training or higher education hinges on professional appearance, layout, division of sections, and selected evidence.  Drawbacks are found in laborious photocopying of the original evidence, selecting the presentation binder, creating the chronological layout with appropriate headings, and ensuring that the portfolio is not left at home or lost in transit. You then repeat the process for each update.

Now e-portfolios have their own strengths.  Original evidence is scanned but once, and then burned onto a disc.  Yet an even more effective presentation tool is uploading the file of scanned evidence into a designated site, such as a blog that only targets pre-determined employers can access.  Updates are easier, and access to the e-portfolio would be immediate, prompting interested employers to set up an interview or call-back. The use of technology and the professional appearance are attractive skills to employers, who look for such transferrable assets in an employee.

I plan to prepare an e-portfolio for my next presentation.

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