Senior SAYL

The Songhees Academic Youth Leadership group (SAYL) was established in September 2012.  SAYL, under the guidance and leadership of the Student Facilitator and Director of Education Services of the Songhees Nation, and works closely with Songhees Nation, local communities and local academic institutions.


SAYL’s vision aims to enhance the quality of life by mobilizing community, capacity building, mentoring, learning exchanges and group participation with local community organizations and local academic institutions that promotes education, leadership, culture, health and wellness to empower youth to gain the skills, tools and resources necessary to become community leaders.


The SAYL membership consists of registered Songhees Nation members between the ages of 14-30.  Membership is based on the youths’ academic performance and attendance.  SAYL members nominate and elect 2 interim youth leaders who speak on behalf of SAYL at public events and functions.  Youth Leaders’ terms are for 12 weeks and take direction and initiatives from the group as a whole to be carried forward with full participation and support of the group.  During their term there is a mid-term self-evaluation with the Student Facilitator,   a final self-evaluation with the Student Facilitator and a meeting with the Songhees Nation Chief and Council when their term is complete.


SAYL projects and activities are planned, organized and led by SAYL youth – for SAYL youth.  SAYL projects and activities work to empower and foster the learning strategies and teach youth the skills necessary to become youth leaders and to enhance their quality of life.  Upon completion of SAYL’s projects and activities Songhees Nation and SAYL retain ownership of their results.





Charlotte Charlie

Songhees Education – Student Facilitator

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